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Release Day Blitz: Chasing Me (Book #3) by Cat Mason

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Title: Chasing Me (Shaft on Tour, #3)
Author: Cat Mason
Publication Date: July 25, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Chasing Me Resized


Being the flashy frontman for the band Shaft definitely has its perks. Hunter Chesterfield, is infamous for exploiting them all shamelessly. When he isn't busy commanding the stage and wooing every groupie in sight, he's living for the three Bs; Bitches, Booze, and Bacon. He has it all, or so he thought.

Women have always been disposable to Hunter. Frisbees to toss away once's he had his fun. There has never been a repeat rear-ender, until Chase.

Watching his bandmate, then his brother, fall in love has him wondering if he is even capable of love at all. Insatiable sex drive aside, no one would willingly want to deal with the storm brewing behind that sexy smirk, right? But, something about his smart mouthed, fiery Tiger Lily has Hunter rethinking everything.

While Hunter reevaluates his life, someone from his past comes back to haunt him; jeopardizing his future. The media is sniffing around, latching on to everything, and anything, they can dig up, as someone seems to be feeding the monster all Shaft's dirty secrets.

Lies and betrayal mix with banter, sex and bacon as Shaft prepares to release their new album and blow into the mainstream.

Chasing Me teaser #3

Shaft on Tour
Shaft on Tour series

Escaping Me (Shaft on Tour, #1)
Facing Me (Shaft on Tour, #2)

About the Author

Cat Mason
Cat Mason is thirty years old and a mother to three children. She was born and raised in Granite City, Illinois which is just across the Mississippi river from St. Louis, Missouri. She currently lives in Virginia with her husband and children. Previously publishing Contemporary Romance under her real name, until she decided to lose the filter and let it all hang out. When she isn’t writing, she is reading or spending time with her friends and family.

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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Little Red by Trista Jaszczak

Little Red
(Believe Series, Bk #1)
By Trista Jaszczak


Samantha Wentworth has one mission in life; to get as far away as she possibly can from her troubled past. 

When she finds herself on the Louisiana bayou she runs straight into the arms of a very sexy Big Bad Wolf that she just can’t seem to resist. 

Will Samantha continue on her journey, or does the full moon have other plans in store for her?

Release Date: 
 June 13th 2014


I’d misjudged my mileage, and with no gas gauge, I’d had no way of telling when I’d run out of gas. I’m luckily able to roll my bike to a slow and steady stop off on the shoulder of the road. I shake my head, wanting to give myself a good hard kick for not being more careful. I glance around as I hop off. Figures I am surrounded by nothing but woods and, my guess, swamps, and am nearly twenty miles away from any town. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I said I would make use of the tent in my saddlebags. I let out an exasperated sigh as I undo the chinstrap to my helmet, yanking it off my head, and let my hair fall around my shoulders. I bite down on my lip and contemplate. I can’t leave my bike here on the side of the road. I can’t walk 20 twenty miles and back just for gas with it already so dark out, either. I have no choice. I’ll walk my bike into the woods and set up camp. People do this all the time, right? No big deal. It’s not like the big bad wolf will jump out and get me. 
I gaze into the woods. Darkness has already fallen over the trees. They stand silent and still, as even the animals, it seems, have all gone quiet for the night. I laugh off the thought of the big bad wolf. I guess it’s alligators I have to watch for down here. Or, is it crocodiles? I shiver, put on a brave face, and straddle my bike once more. It’ll take all my strength to waddle it down the ditch and into the woods over the uneven terrain. I figure a short way off the side of the road and into the woods and I should be fine. Enough to be out of the line of traffic, but not enough to get myself terribly lost. 
As I wiggle the bike down the small slope, I begin to exert myself on the flat, but rough terrain as I push the bike forward, throwing my petite body into it as much as I can. I grunt as I give one more strong push forward. The bike lurches along slowly as my helmet clangs against the already scratched black paint. I groan, aggravated with myself more than ever for letting the gas tank get bone dry.
“What in the hell are you doing?” 
I stop dead in my tracks. I hadn't heard a single footstep, not even a twig. I swallow hard and throw myself off the bike, flipping out the kickstand as I do.
I turn slowly to see a rugged looking man staring hard at me. His dark washed jeans are splattered with dirt and debris at the bottom, suggesting that he has been romping in the woods beyond. His heavy boots are caked in a layer of thick mud that’s starting to dry in certain spots. He places his hands on his hips, making his leather jacket open to display a well-fitted tee shirt; defined chest muscles are visible even under the moonlight. His gray eyes shine and shimmer under the light of the full moon as they glare at me in an almost threatening way. No, not threatening. Warning me of something, and somehow worried. His brown hair is styled fairly nice, which is surprising considering the five o’clock shadow on his face. He’s much larger than me. Well, almost everyone is larger than me, but he must be over 6 feet tall. Huge, compared to my tiny 5’5” frame. 

The Book Harlot's Review:

Little Red (Believe #1)Little Red by Trista Jaszczak

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There are so many versions of this fairy tale that finding a new take on it becomes monotonous. But, look no further than Little Red, this is one that you will want to read.

Chemistry is the greatest tool an author uses, if you don’t have that your story and characters will not thrive in their world. Nor will your audience connect to them. These characters flowed flawlessly, easily from page to page as I devoured this book. Little Red is different and unusual, and definitely not for everyone. It’s filled with drama, suspense and delicious sexual tension.

I found myself drawn further and further into the fictional world of Little Red. If you’re a fan of turning folklore and fairy tales into a new, modern and original story, then you’ll want to head out and grab a copy of this one. It has the original base, but with a modern twist. Any paranormal lover should give it a shot as well.

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About The Author

Trista Jaszczak is the bestselling author of Loverboy and the highly anticipated release Little Red, coming June 13th.

She is an Air Force spouse and mother to two mischievous and rambunctious little girls. She is creative by nature and not only writes, but is a photographer who braves the cold to chase the northern lights. She also plays guitar and sings, two things that have become a favorite past time of hers when she’s not behind the glowing screen of her computer. And, though she considers it just a hobby, loves to sketch and paint.

She is originally from Hamilton, Ohio but calls home where ever the Air Force sends her. She currently resided in Anchorage, Alaska where she finds endless inspiration in the pure Alaskan wilderness. Though the rain can seem endless in the fall, and the constant daylight is a burden in the summers, she considers it a privilege to live there.  

When Trista isn’t writing, she loves to spend her time with her family in the vast Alaskan outdoors, plucking away at her old guitar, working out in the gym, or baby her two over-grown Labrador puppies. She loves the great outdoors, the moon, old movies,  and music. She loves being creative, practicing her photography, and wildlife. If you need to get in touch with her, since her life is 10 ways of crazy right now, you can always.

You can find Trista at 



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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: The Sergeant by Christa Tomlinson

The Sergeant Blog Tour Banner


“You’re the only one I want to control. The only one whose submission I want, need, and crave with every part of me, every second of every day.”

– Sergeant Logan Pierce

Sergeant Logan Pierce: Head of Houston’s elite SWAT team. He leads his squad with cool efficiency, taking down rough criminals while keeping his team safe. But behind closed doors he sets a darker part of himself free. He’s a Dominant in the world of Bondage and Domination. As a Dom, he’s controlled many submissives, but never had one for his own. That’s because there’s only one man he wants: Corporal Clay Foster.

Corporal Clay Foster: Highly trained SWAT officer. He’s always the first one to face the dangerous situations of their job. Over the years he’d noticed his Sergeant’s secretly admiring glances and suspected his attraction. One night, with one kiss, he’s proven correct. Clay dives headlong into the rough passion of BDSM that Logan introduces him to. He submits to Logan’s control, accepting the sweet shackles that bind him to his Sergeant. But secrets, both his and Logan’s, force him to leave the newfound safety of his Dom’s arms.

Logan refuses to let go of what he’s wanted for so long, Clay as his own, proudly wearing his collar. Clay wants to be his. He knows it and Clay knows it too. Can Logan safely guide Clay through the obstacles that separate them until he can claim his submissive once more?

18 yr +
Logan cracked his belt sharply across Clay’s ass twice in a row. Clay hissed, his back arching slightly. But he didn’t move his hands from the wall or ask Logan to stop. Logan lowered the belt and stepped closer to his sub. He rubbed his hand where he just spanked, petting his ass slowly before squeezing the firm flesh. Clay remained quiet. Logan stepped back and gave him another stroke. This time, when he rubbed Clay’s ass, he let a finger slip between his cheeks, teasing at his entrance. He noticed Clay’s hips move just a bit in reaction. Again he stepped back, snapping the belt forward for two quick strikes. Clay cried out when the belt cracked against his ass for the fifth time.
            Clay’s cheeks turned a delicious shade of red. Logan dropped the belt for a moment so he could cup that sweet bottom with both hands. He rubbed his palms across the soft skin, feeling it hot to his touch. Clay gasped, his hips jerking back. Logan knew the mix of pleasure and pain from rubbing his palms over the stinging skin was responsible for that reaction. And he was glad to see it. He wanted to push his sub into experiencing just as much pleasure as he did pain from the punishment. Logan sucked a finger into his mouth then eased it inside Clay’s tight heat. He thrust slowly while he lowered his head to Clay’s neck and ran his tongue up that slightly salty skin. He sucked at Clay’s nape, loving the taste of his sweaty skin on his tongue. When Clay started moaning and moving his hips in time to his finger in his ass, Logan added a second. He twisted them, pumping a little faster. A shudder went through his lover as Logan bit down on his neck before finally releasing him. He looked and saw a deep purplish bruise already rising on Clay’s skin. Clay gave a protesting cry as Logan pulled his fingers from his ass and stepped back.
            “You’re halfway there, baby.” Picking up the belt, he slapped it across Clay’s reddened cheeks. He waited long moments before doing it again. And again he waited, watching Clay’s hands ball into fists against the wall, his shoulders rising and falling with each heaving breath. Finally Clay’s ass thrust backwards, seeking the belt. Logan heard him moan softly.
            “Sir, please …”
            Logan spanked him again, the eighth lash harder than all the previous. Clay cried out sharply, his hips pumping and circling at the air in front of him. Logan had to reach into his jeans and adjust himself. He was unbelievably hard from watching his sub take his first punishment, not only without a word of protest but gaining pleasure from it as well. He knew without a doubt that no other man was as perfect for him as Clay. Logan had two lashes left to give, but he felt the need to touch his beautiful submissive first, so he lowered the belt again.
            Logan pressed his body up against Clay’s. He ran his hand across his soft stomach, feeling the muscles there twitch under his touch. Trailing his hand down to Clay’s cock, he found him already hard, pre-cum beading on the tip. Logan took him in hand and pumped slowly. He whispered in his ear. “Look at you. Cock all hard and wet. You like my belt across your ass, don’t you?” Clay moaned and nodded. “Tell me you’re sorry for teasing me. And beg me to finish your punishment.”
             Clay’s nerves were tingling, making his skin buzz with electric anticipation as he waited each time for the belt to fall. Each time it struck his ass, the initial burning pain morphed into a dark pleasure that had him gritting his teeth, begging Logan to take him or to at least stroke off his hard cock. Clay wouldn’t have ever thought he’d be turned on by someone spanking him. But he was so fucking hard and turned on, possibly more than ever before. He knew it was all because of the man behind him, showing him what he needed. What he hadn’t even known he’d needed.
            “Sir, I’m sorry for teasing you like that tonight.” Clay gave his apology freely. He’d earned this by teasing his Dom and felt it was fitting to offer his body to be punished. “Please, please give me the rest of my punishment. I need you to punish me.” By the end of his sentence, his voice had dropped to a pleading moan, and his hips were moving in anticipation of the belt. Logan gave him another command.
            “Stop moving. I want you to stay completely still for your last two lashes.”
            Clay groaned. He started to drop his head against the wall but caught himself. He wasn’t sure if Logan would count that as a movement or not. He braced himself, clenching his stomach and thigh muscles tight. When the ninth lash fell, he bit his lip but remained still. He waited for the tenth lash to come. But Logan was still and quiet behind him. So he waited. He waited and waited until the building anticipation had his blood rushing in his ears and his heart thundering so hard he felt it in his throat. Finally, when he was about to scream from the tension, the belt cracked across his ass so sharply that his cock jerked in response. He stood there gasping for breath after the strike, still not daring to move until Logan gave him permission. Logan come up behind him and rubbed his sore and stinging butt.
            “You did very good taking that part of your punishment.”
Clay looked over his shoulder at Logan in surprise. That part?

The Book Harlot's Review:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m a fan of any and all BDSM books, so of course as soon as this came into my email I had to get my hands on it. Christa did a good job portraying these characters bringing their issues from her mind right into yours. You have romance with a little angst and just a hint of sweetness mixed in.

Logan is a SWAT Sergeant and a Dom. Then there’s Cay who had his own issues. When his past fears start coming back and converges with his present he has to decide if he’ll be able to handle what Logan has to offer.

While I did enjoy this book, I thought it drug on a little too much and became monotonous at some points. While everything is thoroughly delicious through this novel, for me, it was just too long. I actually found myself waiting on baited breath for the juicy parts. But, those alone are great enough to light your panties aflame. I think it needs a little more substance, Logan needs a lesson in being a Dom, a deeper seated emotion for it. I felt as if he were just playing a part on occasion, and in a way each Dom/Domme may be, but essentially, that is who they are. Their Dominant or Submissive nature is who they are, it’s their core. He may think he’s a Dom, I just wasn’t feeling it too much as I read the story.

While there were a few things that needed work, I did find this book enjoyable. It’s not a quick read, but as I stated before it is quite delicious. And if you enjoy lot's of M/M sex and BDSM, you'll more than likely love The Sergeant.

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Meet the Author

I love to write stories that are emotional and lovely with sex that is integral to the characters romantic arc. Purple is my favorite color, but I don't use purple prose. My stories involve straight couples, curvy couples, gay couples, interracial couples ... I write them all. I feel the same as many others; love is love and everyone should have their story told.

Thanks for reading,


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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: The Hunter's Realm by Brianna Hughes

The Hunter's Realm

Brianna Hughes 

Kelly Jackson has spent four years running and hiding. Her prince turned out to be an abusive bastard who tried to take her son. Moving into a nice quiet neighborhood the last thing she wants is to be drawn to her McHottie neighbor. No matter that her children think he belongs to the family.
Elliot Hensworth, one of the Realm’s mightiest warriors, was sent to the other side to guard the weakening wall between the Realms. The last thing he needs is a petite sexy neighbor with her inquisitive children to find out that he isn't what he seems.

The Hunter’s Realm is a story of strength, love and courage, face your worst fears and survive, to put your faith and trust in another person and the joy that comes when you do. 

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She couldn't deny his wonderful work ethics. Like a busy little ant, he went through the house diligently. Kellie made him the list he asked for and by the end of the afternoon, he'd tackled it all and even fixed some things she hadn't even noticed. Like the handle on her dresser drawer; it had to be her underwear one, of course. He'd just casually dumped it on the bed. Her waist high granny panties, all in the exciting color of white, poured out.

Okay, so she shopped for comfort instead of sexy. It wasn't like anyone usually saw them, but talk about embarrassing. After he'd fixed the drawer she dived onto the bed to put them back, the thought of him handing her underwear somehow too intimate for her to handle.

He'd of course just grinned, a cocky smile that he liked to use a lot and made her insides turn upside down each time he did.


After all, wasn't every day that a total hottie almost landed in her lap wearing low-hipped track pants and no shirt to hide the flattest stomach and most deliciously muscled arms ever? However, that's all she'd be doing--looking. No touching, definitely no touching. But God, those clear, bright blue eyes and sun streaked, golden tousled hair almost made her change her mind.

"Sorry if we bothered you," she said. "We've been cleaning all morning, and the twins needed to let off some steam."

"It is I who must apologize for the irregular behavior. I assure you that it will not be happening again," he said, shrugging sheepishly.

Rea tugged on her hand so she looked down.

"Is he a powceman, mommy?" he said in a loud whisper that sprayed from his lips.

Good question. Kellie looked at the stranger. Good looks aside, why had he dived into their yard with a gun?

"No, I'm not a policeman. Although, I do work with them occasionally, I'm an oddity investigator or maybe easier to be known as a missing persons investigator," he answered.

Kellie's eyes widened and in spite of her vow to stay celibate, her libido woke up and yawned with interest. Go back to sleep, she told her awakening body. I swore off men, remember?

The Book Harlot's Review:

The Hunter's RealmThe Hunter's Realm by Brianna Hughes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Hunter’s Realm is my first Paranormal Romance from Brianna Hughes, I must say with how she completely roped me in, it definitely won’t be my last. I’m a huge fan of the PNR (Paranormal Romance) genre and I will jump at the chance to read something new from it. You will not want to miss out on this new release. It is filled with adventure and chock full of magic of all kinds.

The beginning was a little iffy for me, but after the first two or three chapters I was sucked right into the world of the Realm Hunters. This isn’t just a love story, there are so many other aspects to Elliott and Kelly’s story. Some of them you will expect, and others you won’t see coming.

These characters are fantastic, Brianna did an amazing job bringing them and their worlds, to life. Readers will find themselves fighting alongside Elliott and hurting with Kelly. Everyone can mettle but what’s meant to be will always find a way to prevail.

View all my reviews

About the Author

A little about me is I am a person who loves life and living in the moment. I have found a deep passion in my life in writing romance and erotica novels as much as I enjoy reading them too. I started writing as a hobby and since have been inspired to publish what I have. My heroines are always strong women that can stand up for themselves.

My favorite genre to write is Paranormal, but I am delving into other genres as well. My passion is to express how I feel and see romance, sex, and creatures of the unknown come alive on the pages of my books. Immortal highlanders, witches, vampires, Lycans, warlocks and many more, some of my work is inspired by daydreaming , but mostly by a wild imagination.  I am now exploring, Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical and Western Romance, as well as Erotica. I am also thinking of doing a few YA books too.

My first book was published on May 7, 2012, ever since Blood Ties (Wicked Blood Series #1) hit the shelves it has been great and a dream come true. Taking the characters that are in my head and bringing life to them is accelerating. I am staying very busy these days as I am working on three more books for this year. One is another in the Wicked Blood Series and another from my Marshal’s Series and a final one with my Co-Author J.L.Raven. 

Coming June 20,2014 I will be releasing another novel, this is a fantasy romance entitled, “The Hunter’s Realm” published by BookRhythm.

I could not have gotten this far without the Lord's help and several friends and family.

Contact Brianna


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Review: Cooper (Corps Security Book 4) by Harper Sloan

Cooper (Corps Security, #4)Cooper by Harper Sloan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As if you haven’t heard Harper’s name somewhere, perhaps whispered in awe? Or moaned in longing?? ;) If you haven’t….do you live under a rock! (I mean that in the nicest way possible.)

Harper Sloan’s Corps Security series is one of my most popular book series, all of them were five star reads from me, and numerous friends of mine. I’m constantly recommending any and all of them, especially if you are a fan of hot ass alpha males. Cooper will be no different. But, if you haven’t read the previous books and I do mean ALL of them, I suggest you stop where you are and proceed to buy them. You HAVE to read them before finishing my review (even though it is spoiler free) or reading Cooper.

Asher Cooper is a Marine that is partially broken, but who wouldn’t be after seeing what some of those men have seen? The beginning of this book will completely suck you into the story and these characters will hold your heart within their grasps. If you’re a fan of this series as much as I am, then you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Harper writes her characters in a way that...unmans you. As you read their stories, feel their pain and heartaches, laugh like a crazy lunatic, you’ll see them grow. You’ll see them fall in love before your very eyes.

“You’re going to realize real soon that when I say you’re mine, I mean it.”

Asher may be broken, as every man is at some point. But, all they need is one ray of “Sunshine” to be able to find their way out of the darkness. The one hope that there is more than that sucking abyss of nothing. Chelcie Avery may just be that sunshine he needs. Both of these characters have a little bit of everyone in them, as you read the story you’ll see each character personality in them both. It was like reading the entire series over again. They claw their way through the pain, see them fight for the love they share, and weep for those that they have lost.

“I don’t know how to move on. I don’t know how to escape this…...this darkness.”

Harper is a brilliant writer, the characters she brought to life are so abundantly clear. Cooper has moment where all you’ll want to do is cry, others where you really want to smack the shit out of him and ones where all you can do is laugh like a freaking lunatic. One thing you won’t do, is hate this book. Even if you only “mildly” enjoy it, by the end of the book you’ll find the same peace that a few of these characters have as well.

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Blog Tour & Review: Beautiful Disaster by Francette Phal

They created the game but eighteen year old Nicholas Grayson mastered the rules.

They are young and entitled and utterly bored with their lives, so they play games to entertain themselves. They call it the “bet” and new girl Ellie Holbrook is their latest target. Ellie is not the kind of girl Nicholas dates, but she is pretty enough to be his next conquest and so he sets out to seduce her and claim a nice little prize at the end. But her seduction proves difficult when she openly rejects his advances. In his dogged pursuit of her he slowly finds himself in her small circle of trusted friends and meets her two year old daughter, Sophie.

Life takes a startling turn for Nicholas when he realizes his happiness now lies with the young mother and her daughter. Falling in love with Ellie isn’t something Nicholas ever thought could happen to him and he’s completely frightened at how fiercely she makes him feel. But before he can further examine those emotions and clearly process them, enemies from Nicholas’s personal circle of friends conspire to tear them apart and he must now decide whether their love is worth saving or allow his friends to take away the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him.     

Beautiful Disaster (The Bet, #1)Beautiful Disaster by Francette Phal

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Francette gives readers another dark, raw and gritty read. This isn't tame, it's dysfunctional and will have you battling demons you never thought you had.

I don't know how to describe these characters. I'm still a little...buried in this book. I am fairly certain, it's stolen my soul and it's trapped within these pages. These characters are troubled and depraved is how I viewed them. They have zero morals, well certain ones have no morals. This is not a book for the faint of heart or for the young.

A bet began this story but soon everything begins to change, contort and everyone is vulnerable to the change. Once it begins, it's hard to put a stop to it, as our main characters find out. This book will leave you with an emotional book hangover, you will be drained. It may be dark and gritty but it's honest. Very rarely will you find a book that strips everything down to our deepest, darkest core.

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Nicholas Grayson wasn’t a nice person. In fact one could call him an asshole and he wouldn’t dispute it. He was as jaded as they come, eighteen years old, with a moral compass fixed permanently on diabolical. He was an emotional cripple with the personality of a cactus. He understood his faults and embraced each one with gusto.
His goals in life were to piss off his parents, break a few laws and generally screw his way through life. He was a good looking kid, born with movie star looks, a little James Dean with Brando’s swagger thrown into the mix to make the female populace of John Edgar High swoon.
He was fully aware of his power over the fairer sex and he used that knowledge for his own selfish end.
It was a game his group of friends played and Nicholas excelled at it. He’d slept with nearly every girl on campus, seduced each and every one with practiced ease that had become second nature, like breathing.
The sex was initially meant to stave off boredom; another vice to add to the growing list of evils he’d accumulated over the years. But then, like all things in his life, sex had become nauseatingly easy to obtain.
“Nicky.” The breathy call of his name had Nicholas peering over his shoulder where Maddie Tate, “Fatty Maddie,” as she was known by many in his circle, looked at him with sickening adoration.
Lounging across his king sized mattress in post-coital bliss, she looked every bit the sated lover with her tousled cinnamon red hair, flushed face, and gleaming azure eyes. She was in love with him. Had been for quite some time now and would undoubtedly do anything he asked of her.
 It would take nothing to manipulate her and bend her to his will. Nicholas was sure that she would follow him. Therefore the seduction of Maddie Tate hadn’t taken much doing. The fact is Nicholas had been feeling charitable at the time. She was just another notch in this game he’s come to master; another pawn to use and discard when he was finished. He’d made a video of all their sordid acts just as he always had done and stood to win five hundred dollars for his troubles. Chump change as far as he was concerned but a win nevertheless.
 “N-Nicholas…,” the voice was little hesitant this time. He heard the rustling of sheets as she rose.
“Get out.” This was the part he relished the most. Devil that he was, he caught the hitch of her breath and reveled in it.
“I…um…did I do something wrong?”
He took a moment tinkering with the camera before turning to give her his undivided attention, mouth curling into a bastardized version of a smile. “Well.” He moved with effortless grace, swagger unmatched, open and welcoming in contrast to the calculated, almost predatory look in his diamond grey eyes. “You didn’t bore me completely.”
Her face crumpled.  The ensuing expression nearly heartbreaking as tears welled. If he cared he would’ve felt something other than this deep rooted annoyance and sudden need to see her out of his bedroom. “Now, please get your shit and get out.” It didn’t take long after that. Shoving him aside with surprising strength she gathered her things and was out like a shot.
Now, Nicholas figured, she’d grow to hate him like so many of the others who’d come before her.
It was what he did best. Fuck ‘em and leave ‘em. He lived by those words, using a slightly different variation out of the bedroom.
He was his father’s child after all; he had learned about screwing people from the master himself. Grabbing the half emptied bottle of whiskey from his dresser Nicholas made his way to the balcony in his bedroom. He took a mouthful, and then another, feeling decidedly better as each swig burned a warm path down his throat. Maneuvering himself over the balcony’s ledge he sat precariously over the edge, legs dangling four stories over the gleaming pool below. A deprecating smile tugged at his lips and Nicholas knew his demons were not far. He could hear the menacing gait of their hooved feet making a steady trek to the forefront of his mind, carrying with them memories he would sooner forget.
Shit, he was feeling maudlin. Why? He hadn’t the slightest idea. Only that the memories refused to be quelled, refused to be inundated by the liquor as per usual. The sudden image of his father fleeted across his vision and Nicholas gave a humorless laugh. Well wasn’t that just a kick in the teeth? Even at his lowest he continued to be haunted by the immoral bastard.
Charles Grayson, CEO and founder of one of the nation’s largest real estate firm was the devil incarnate and Nicholas could attest to that. He’d been ten years old when the first lesson had been imparted. There’d been an incident in school involving him and another student. Nicholas couldn’t remember exactly what it was he’d done, but he remembered he’d been mean and had been fittingly reprimanded for it by his teacher. Charles had somehow gotten word of it and swiftly rectified the situation. The teacher was terminated, credentials ruined and she’d been unable to find work in the state again. This action was quite extreme and cruel for something so little, but then Charles had never been the sentimental sort.
He was a ruthless man whose underhanded business tactics had gained him his empire. Therefore when it came to his son, Charles was merciless. He’d taken the ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’ ideology quite seriously and the scars of those lessons were now imprinted on Nicholas’s soul.
Nicholas took another swig from the bottle while raking a hand through his long hair. He was agitated and dear old Jack wasn’t doing it for him tonight. Needing a distraction that was something quite possibly stronger, he headed back to his bedroom and finished off the last of the amber liquid before tossing it aside. 


Francette lives in Massachusetts with her amazingly supportive husband of ten years and her darling two year old son. Reading amazing books has led her to writing and she’s dabbled in fan-fiction before self-publishing her own works. She’s constantly thinking up new stories to write and does her best work when music is playing in the background. Romance is where she’s most comfortable but she hopes to one day venture in mystery novels. She has a weakness for coffee ice cream, tropical fruits and a good glass of wine.